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Effective June 28, 2013

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 Fires of Revival Ministries, Inc.

East Tennessee Prayer Line

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_____     This is an emergency request

_____     This person is not saved yet

_____     I would like to here if God has spoken more to you about this request or me


Please email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or mail to:

Fires of Revival Ministries

           P.O. Box 1105

           Kingston, TN  37763


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East Tennessee Prayer Line

East Tennessee Prayer Line

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Request For Prayer

Welcome to the East Tennessee 24 Hour Prayer Line


Request for Prayer


prayer mainIf you would like to give a prayer request, please fill out the card below by clicking on the card option. Please leave us a contact number or other information as requested so we can tell you what God has spoken to us about your situation. We will give your request to one or two prayer team members who will pray for your request for at least thirty (30) days.  Also identify if the person needing prayer is saved/born again or not. John 3:3-7 tells us the importance of making salvation available to every person.

If you have a prayer need regarding a life and death situation, please indicate this on the prayer card. We want to ensure  proper attention is given to those requests. These areas are not always medical in nature.  We hold all information with confidentiality and sensitivity. There is no sharing of needs outside this organization and individual intercessors are trained in confidential areas.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and trusting us to help you overcome every obstacle to your success in The Kingdom of God and life.


 Prayer Request Card.


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Request for Intercessors


Intercessors & Intercessory Training Opportunity


Thank you for contacting us about becoming an Intercessor with Fires of Revival Ministries!  We welcome you to our team of committed and dedicated servants of The Most High God through the interventions of The Spirit of God when we pray. There are many things to learn in this journey, but lets get first things first.


My first challenge is to receive God's personal phone number - Jeremiah 33:3 ..."Call upon me and I WILL answer you and show you great and mighty things which you don't know..."


Here at Fires of Revival, we ask you to connect with God so that He can Connect with you for the needs of other people on a daily basis. Believe HIM with all your heart and you will get those you are praying for to believe with you for God's intervention in the many situations of life that cause us to fall or be destroyed for lack of knowledge. We will encourage you to teach others the same thing you are learning and help keep the hunger for "More of God" burning in our heart daily. Always desire more of Him, not more of church or religion, but more of HIM; that is the person of Jesus Christ, God our Father, and the Holy Spirit. Let your whole life be a part of "The School of Prayer."  Start NOW!!


Upon request we will provide a guide to show you how to pray on a daily basis. We encourage you to use this to help if you find yourself struggling to keep your prayer schedule or use as a primary pattern of prayer to help solve the time problem we often encounter. Visit our section Intercessory Prayer and Training to further increase your effectiveness in praying when you are assigned to pray and intercede for those in need as this journey begins.


Let's pray...Father, in Jesus Name, I bring my new partner in prayer before you this day. I ask for a blessing in their lives right now! Break the bonds that may hold them captive and present them free to engage in the causes of the Kingdom so that your people will be healed, delivered, blessed, and prospered every day of their lives.  In Jesus Name. Amen


We Welcome YOU to the East Tennessee Prayer Line Intercessors Group as a member!


Please fill out this Intercessory Request Card


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Prayer Line Introduction


Welcome to the East Tennessee 24 Hour Prayer Line


WE WELCOME YOU to an Alive Prayer Line.  Not just filed with bodies who volunteer, but devoted, anointed prayer warriors who are not afraid to be pushed to higher levels in prayer for YOUR needs to be met by God.

We are also interested in developing your ability to pray, so we provide leadership training for you as a Prayer Warrior joining our team of anointed intercessors. Are you willing to lay down your life in prayer for others? Have you been touched by God to give hours on your knees asking HIM what to do in life and know that you are called to seek HIS face more than other people do. We are looking for YOU to join our team of anointed warriors and learn how to increase your ability to TOUCH God on a daily basis.



In 1999, the Lord called me to come to Kingston, Tennessee area to pray in true revival. I was sixty-five (65) years old (ancient of days to some, but not to God). I had come up to the area and spied out the land, researching and learning the purpose God was targeting this particular area from a historic perspective. I was very excited about being in His perfect will and purpose. For a few years I bathed the land in prayer. Then, in 2001 God called me to start Fires of Revival Ministries, Inc. We started with four (4) areas of ministry: (1) The Prophetic Voice, (2) Prayer Vigils, (3)  Tours of the Old Revivals Sites, and Teachings. 

I started getting repeated calls for prayer on a daily basis, and this continued for several years as I visited different areas of the city and region. Then after a few more years I felt God wanted me to establish this prayer line to help those hurting and searching for God. This prayer line was opened and the Lord confirmed the need with people immediately. I was and am excited to be used of God to meet your needs and be a blessing in your life.


Called to be an Intercessor?  Click this to join our Prayer Team.


Need Prayer for a specific purpose?   Click here for a Prayer Request. 


Phone - 866-711-7583

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